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CryptAssets accepts content submissions of all kinds in order to achieve our mission to build the most active Cryptocurrency Community on the web.

One-off Commercial Submissions

At present we accept submissions of jobs, press releases and events and offer various methods of submitting and promoting your material for a small fee paid in cryptocurrency or fiat via Once approved, submissions are featured as public posts in the relevent sections of the site and are pushed out through the CryptAssets Social media channels, Twitter and Facebook, as well as through our sister publication, MoneyScience's Facebook Page and Financial Technology Twitter account.

General Partnership Submissions

A 12 month partnership with CryptAssets is the most effective way of establishing your brand amongst our users and is especially useful if your firm is regularly producing sharable content such as blog posts, news releases and video as part of your content marketing strategy. By registering as a firm on the site, your profile is promoted site-wide and you gain access to our suite of content tools and resources, providing you with the means to post both unlimited content both manually and automatically using RSS. General Partner Submissions are promoted in exactly the same way as one-off submissions, but carry the firms own brand. General Partnerships last 12 months, and at the end of this period may be extended to ensure that your content is retained on the site.

Cryptocurrency Partnership Submissions

For a one-time fee, firms which are themselves developing Crypto Assets are provided with the opportunity to use our platform as a vehicle for aggregating and propogating content from their pre-exisiting promotional channels, and may also be used as a hub for community activity and engagement. Cryptocurrency Partnerships retain all the benefits of General Partnerships, but do not expire except in exceptional circumstances, and in addition gain access to our community building tools and resources.

General User Submissions

Registered Users on the site are all granted permission to comment on submitted content and join discussions in our forums and Asset Communities, but other kinds of content such as blog posts and bookmarks are moderated and curated into the appropriate sections of the site.


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